Chris Brown

Chris is Chief Executive of Igloo Regeneration, the fund's development manager. He is also a director of Blueprint (Igloo's public/private partnership with the Homes and Communities Agency that undertakes mixed-use regeneration in the East Midlands), the Chrysalis Fund (which lends to employment generating regeneration projects in Liverpool City Region) and Carillion Igloo (one of HCA and GLA's housing development partners).

Chris has been a member of the government's Urban Sounding Board, director of BURA, chair of the RICS Regeneration panel, a CABE Regional Design Ambassador, and member of the Princes Foundation projects panel, the Regen-Now centre of excellence steering group, the A6 Single Regeneration Budget Board and advisor to 'The Castleford Project', Channel 4's TV series on regeneration. He was recently a witness to the House of Commons select committee on Regeneration.

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Phone: 07900 492280

Luke Baker

Director Fund manager - Real Estate